What is DollarMoon and how does it work?

What is DollarMoon and how does it work?

In the crypto world, we are always on the hunt for new and promising crypto projects. This article explores one of the newer cryptocurrencies, DollarMoon. You will learn about DollarMoon, how it works, what makes it unique, and why you should invest in its token Dmoon.

What is DollarMoon?

The name DollarMoon refers to both the US Dollar, as a symbol of wealth and power, and the moon as a symbol of wealth in the crypto world.

DollarMoon is a BEP-20 token on Binance Smart Chain (BSC). Launched on December the 9th 2022, DollarMoon defines itself as the first cryptocurrency using the Value Leading System in the roadmap phases.

DollarMoon crypto developers have a long-term vision for the future success of the token. Holders of the token will earn passive rewards over time, and the high fees will discourage selling.

How does DollarMoon work?

DollarMoon was designed in a way that encourages long-term investment and discourages selling, and it does that by charging sellers a 15% percent fee, with the fee revenue distributed through four main sections, which include: staking rewards, coin burning, providing liquidity and treasury, and with that, DollarMoon can assure its price stability.

In addition to automatic burn, DollarMoonā€™s developers also manually reduce the amount of Dmoon in circulation regularly through manual burn to reduce supply and increase the price.

A percentage of 100 million burn tokens will be burned gradually. The percentage will be determined later based on the team research, and supply and demand.

What makes DollarMoon unique?

DollarMoon was designed to resist volatility by rewarding investors for holding their tokens. It works with three unique functions: Reflection, Burn and Value leading system


Static rewards, also known as reflection, focus on two main ideas which are:

  • The reward amount is conditional to trade volume, which resolves the issue of selling pressure caused by early adopters selling their tokens.
  • It encourages the holder to hold more tokens to collect higher payments.


Most cryptocurrencies undergo a process called token burning, which means permanently removing tokens from circulation. This process attempts to create increased scarcity and value. Unlike other projects that use either manual burn or automatic burn, DollarMoon project uses both.

Automatic burn

With each transaction a percentage of the fee goes to coin burning, so, with each purchase, 3% of the quantity purchased will be burned, and with each sale, 4% of the quantity sold will be burned.

Manual burn

The advantage of manual burn is that it implements a beneficial burn strategy for long-term investors. It also allows the burns to be announced and tracked publicly, which leads to increased transparency.

Value Leading System

When it comes to following the roadmap many projects fall behind, but not DollarMoon because instead of following time frames only DollarMoon roadmap follows a very unique system called value leading system, in which the roadmap is not dependent on time, but on the increase of the currency value and with every zero kill, a new stage will be opened in the roadmap.

Why should you invest in Dmoon?

If you are looking for a stable passive income the Dmoon token is the right choice for you. With each buy/sell transaction 2% of the fees will go to the holdersā€™ wallet in the form of BNB coins.

Also, the roadmap looks very promising with DollarMoon planning on launching its own security platform, fashion brand, crypto wallets, Dex social media platform, and a CEX.

DollarMoon team promises on making one of its roadmap goals a reality with every zero kill. And from that, we can see that the use cases for the token are already covered.

The most exciting part is that the Dmoon token was launched very soon and your chances of early investing are high!

Social and contact

Official website: https://dollarmoon.io/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/dollarmoonio

Telegram channel: https://t.me/dmoontoken

Telegram group: https://t.me/DollarMoonchat

Whitepaper: https://dollarmoon.gitbook.io/dollarmoon-whitepaper/

token address: 0x7D18f3fE6e638faD0AdACC5dB1A47f871a2C2cC4

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