Shib Generating – SHG

Shib Generating – SHG

SHG Race, your emotion on the asphalt!

Ecosystem overhauled, adapted for takeoff!

Shib Generating – SHG is a Token Gamer, from the BNB Chain Network, with a robust ecosystem

SHG is a BNB Chain Network Token, aimed at NFT Games. Its interface carries a huge ecosystem, including:

  • SHG Swap
  • Farm/Stake Platform
  • Governance Token “SGear”
  • NFT Marketplace
  • Automated burning portal
  • Game launch pad “SHG Games”
  • Secure Sockets Layer / CloudFlare

Welcome to the SHG Ecosystem!

The Shib Generating Ecosystem underwent changes in order to better adapt to the requirements of the current financial market. Now more robust, with greater security.


At SHG Swap, you make decentralized transactions without leaving the comfort of the Shib Generating ecosystem. All with the greatest speed in the market so that the investor does not miss strategic moments of purchases or sales of any asset.


SHG Stake comes with new proposals, add different tokens to your stake platform. With this, your investors enjoy unlimited passive income.


SHG Race is Shib Generating’s Game with innovative graphics and P2E/PvP gameplay.


In SHG Places, the player will sell SKINS, NFTs and other items acquired in the game, thus guaranteeing their second form of passive income from the SHG ecosystem.

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