Meishu – Battle of Domination

AlphaGame come on 15.1.2023. 2nd Collection NFT 23.2.2023. NFT playable in Final Game.



Experience air-to-air combat in a realistic virtual world setting. Earn points and compete for crypto bounties.

Land Battles

PvP launch environment that will expand to TvT combat in Build 3 stake a claim and set up your army to defend your territory.

Buildable Armies

Launch entire armies – players will be able to add squads (10), platoons (20) and Battalions (80) aerial or land NPC armies – to expand gameplay, strategy and competitive battle.


Large-scale PvP battles. develop resources, level up, and fight to dominate across aerial and ground combat environments.


Expand your campaign, developing ground troops and tactics to claim land in the MEISHU Archipelago.

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