At Fat Cat, there is a better way.

We want to change the way things are done; we want to create a system that doesn’t rely on new users to keep funding the older users.

But rather a system that harnesses the constant movement of trade to fund a treasury.

The funds from said treasury are to be invested in reliable Defi products, creating revenue that will be deployed to increase the price difference of the FatCat token on two DEXs, to maximize transaction volume and reflections to users.

We will be using two DEXs because we will buy on one and sell on the other to create a price difference, wash trading repeatedly until most of those Defi profits have been used up to enhance that price difference.

Buying on one and selling on the other will create a price difference that will incentivize users to trade to correct that difference we made (arbitrage trading). 

If Defi investments make X return, and we use X to generate a price difference, users will use another X worth of volume to fix that price difference and make a small profit. By doing so, we will have generated 2X worth of volume for FatCat, which means more reflections for everyone and reinvestment back into the treasury, which will be ever-growing and generating more significant amounts of X to repeat the cycle.

The idea is to induce more volume with the Defi rewards and sustainable volume to continue the cycle of funding the treasury with trading taxes, and increase reflections to all users.

Imagine if everyone loses interest in Fat Cat token and they stop trading it, your normal shitcoin would die in this scenario. But at FatCat the  treasury will always be there using its profits from defi buying FatCat and selling it on the other exchange, creating that price difference for someone to come and take advantage with arbitrage trading. 

So as long as this system keeps going, there will always be trade on Fatcat, and the treasury will keep growing, inducing more volume and keeping reflections alive.

Lastly, we will burn a little bit of supply as well so the token supply will decrease over time as burnt supply gets token reflection too.

Take a second to imagine what happens with an ever-growing treasury that buys FatCat with profits and an ever-decreasing supply, given enough time that maths should result in increasing token prices. 

The system will work like a flywheel, accelerating and amplifying the value of the tokens over time. We want to create the ultimate Hodl token.

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