babyrabbit | The Most Potential Meme Token in 2023

What Is babyrabbit?

Released on September 28th 2022.

A token with the motif of rabbit.
The Chinese zodiac sign for 2023 is the Rabbit, and the Chinese New Year is celebrated in a big way.
babyrabbit doesn’t end with this day.
More activities will begin in earnest after this day.
Chinese New Year will be the day of the real start.

You can receive $DOGE rewards by holding.

It made by China Dev.
Dev started building this token by building a BTC mining farm first.
The earn of this farm are used for token LP additions, buybacks, and operating expenses.
It is characterized by being able to raise funds not only from marketing wallets but also from mining farms that they have built themself.

It has a Second token & Mining system released on Jan 2nd 2023.

Token name is CARROT ($CTC) This is a privilege only for LP added investors, 
and this token can only be obtained by mining at present. 
CARROT total amount of mining is 200,000. Launch when finished digging 200,000 CARROT. Launch Price : 1CARROT = $10


Most of the community is based in China.
Not only in China, but also in Chinese-speaking countries such as Singapore and Taiwan, we are steadily establishing a foothold and are currently trying to attract people from all over the world.


Promotions based by Chinese offline local marketing.
By gathering Chinese investors and holding briefings, they utilize a unique promotion method that reliably conveys accurate information to each individual, rather than vague text-based information on the Internet. Kind of the way BTC was doing when it was released.

There are still some investors in the world who have never been exposed to cryptocurrencies, so it is an excellent way to access undeveloped strata by explaining how to handle cryptocurrencies.

Currently, we have started sending information to the world using Twitter and Telegram.


babyrabbit will be adopted for electronic payment in Singapore March 2023.
Various information will be lifted in the future and it will grow further.


Contract Address

Token Mechanism

Buy /Sell Tax 10%

Slippage 10%

-Marketing 2%

-Destruction 1%

-Reflux 1%

-Bonus Doge 6% 

Twitter main

Twitter fan account


babyrabbit HP (It will be update)


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