Alcazar Token next 1000x on eth ecosystem

Alcazar token is a well known and trending token of eth Blockchain Building the bridge of luck between the real world and the crypto of highly experienced and highly motivatede cryptocurrency enthusiasts who plan to bring our real world ideas into the crypto world. Alcazar has started as an ERC-20 token and within it’s first week of launch, has registered as a legal company in the United Kingdom to prove it’s legitimacy.

We are building a platform where we will people will be able to try their luck on to win various items. The dApp users will be able to purchase tickets to take part in the raffles/lottaries and win huge prizes.

Alcazar is an ERC-20 chain project aiming to merge luck in the real world

and the crypto world. This token will offer its holders to participate in virtual

raffles to win high-end luxury assets in the real world. The next generation

dApp will allow the backers of this project the chance of winning luxury

watches, exotic vehicles, tickets to premium events and high amounts of

tokens in many other projects that the holders dream of being a whale

on. The core team consists of experienced investors, developers and

marketers all based on a physical and legal company in the UK. We will be

very happy and pleased to welcome our backers in our office in the near

future as our project grows together with you.

If you ever dreamt of feeling the breeze in your roadster on the coast of

Monaco, join a luxurious cocktail party with our entrepreneurs, or attend

the Monaco Grand Prix with an exclusive hospitality ticket, Alcazar is here

for you.

smart contract has been deployed in the ERC-20 chain with simple,

but yet useful functions. With a low tax of 3%, the smart contract itself will

bring attention to Alcazar.

3% tax is separated in 2% auto liquidity and 1% marketing/utility wallet

which holds up to 0.025% of the supply before converting it to ETH and

sending it to the deployer wallet.

The auto liquidity tax will build Alcazar a really strong liquidity floor as time

goes on, thus making Alcazar bullet-proof in the long run. Volatility within

the chart will be limited as time goes on, making the token desirable for


The Ethereum collected in the deployer wallet will be used for marketing

and utility purposes, some of it will also be used for buybacks to support

the chart as we have always promised. Alcazar team has got your back

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